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    Teamwork – 2nd Quarter


    Going Above and Beyond for the TEAM!

    Here at Ambling, our employees are sometimes asked to help at other properties. Whether it is for a maintenance issue, to help a property get ready for an inspection, or simply just to assist a sister property in running smoother, Ambling team members are always ready to answer the call.  Two stories that show this team-first attitude are below, along with a very long list of employees who also showed the Ambling team spirit this quarter.

         Park Trace Maintenance Technician Jason Gilmore does his best to keep Park Trace Apartments looking its best at all times. He assists Property Manager Lisa Moorman with putting out the banners, keeping the pool looking sparkling clear, and handling the maintenance request in a timely manner. But Jason also heads over to sister properties Park Place and Park Ridge on his own to help Property Managers Amanda Pratt and Steve Alley whenever they need a helping hand.

    St. Phillips Property Manager Melinda Murchinson was having some health issues last year which required some needed time away from the office.  She kept up with her compliance files as best she could, but she began to fall behind.  Compliance Specialist Wanda Bronner stepped up and helped work on completing any files that she could.

         In addition,  Senior Director of Compliance Maggie Murtaugh drove to St. Phillips to assist.  “Maggie helped me rearrange my system into my office and transferred it all without my help,” said Melinda.  “I thank these two women so much for their help. Everything is looking so good. And I feel good! I’ve come a long way!”


    Others Putting the “Team” in Teamwork
    Antonio Barnes – Windsor Park
    Elizabeth Bragg – Greenville Summit
    Eric Brown – Seneca Gardens
    Shapil Brown – Glynn Isle Townhomes
    Darryl Chumney – Vaughn Towers
    Benjamin Crawford – Calhoun Gardens
    Kim Cunningham – Anderson Village
    Rebecca Darner – Anderson Village
    Carolyn Dunlop – Statesboro Summit
    Frankie Ewton – Dunlap Gardens
    Josh Furgerson – Arcadia
    Chris Gilmore – Asheboro Summit
    Brenda Hankins – Browns Mill
    Kenneth Hawkins – Highland Park
    Mark Holder – Asheboro Summit
    Zachery Howell – Statesboro Summit
    Kevin James – Arbor Park
    Robert Jones – West Towne Cottages
    Richard Martin – Park Wind
    Derrick Miller – Terraces at Southaven
    Larry Molnar – Regional Property Manager
    James Morgan – Cameron Park
    Tammy Morgan – Senior Property Manager
    Norris Otey – Huntsville Summit
    Leslie Perkins – Terraces at Southaven
    Ryan Perkins – West Towne Cottages
    Richard Rhodes – Director of HUD Compliance
    Sherry Riddle – Director of Professional Development
    Bruce Shepherd – Blakely Commons
    Tiffany Shipman – Browns Mill
    Cordarrell Smith – Cameron Park
    Pam Terrell – Cameron Park
    John Thomas – Ashton Ridge
    Phil Thompson – Bon Air
    Nan Morris-Toth – Compliance Specialist
    Robert “Bob” Vandiver – Anderson Village
    Mariceo Jemal Walden – Cartersville Gardens
    Eric Walker – Ashton Meadows
    Melissa Ward – Arcadia
    Joshua Widner – Arcadia
    Little Anthony Williams – Regional Property Manager

    These employees showed first-hand the Ambling teamwork philosophy. Thank you to all involved!

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