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    Our Investments

    Drawing on the strength of experience within the industry, the leaders of Ambling recognized the need for an additional level of service for its clients, proper­ties and investors. As such, Ambling operates and manages multi-family real estate assets and portfolios throughout the southeast. Ambling’s primary mission is to provide investors with a consistent return on their investment while managing associated risk and increasing the residual value of the assets.

    Established in 1997, Ambling is one of the nation's most successful and experienced managers of affordable LIHTC, HUD, market rate and senior apartment communities.  As both an owner operator and third-party management firm, Ambling is keenly focused on customer service to our client owners to promote long-term value, asset preservation and cost efficiency.  Ambling offers a full suite of management services and solutions including superior property operations management, project rehab oversight, financial services and reporting, facilities maintenance and operation, acquisitions and due diligence services, professional development and training, along with successful strategic business and marketing plan development and implementation.

    We recognize that every owner, financial institution, and investor we have the privilege to serve is unique, and our continued success is based upon being innovative, as well as our flexibility and creativity to work in a constantly changing environment.  Ambling believes the most important aspects of providing business solutions to our customers is by first, gaining a thorough understanding of the goals and expectations of our clients.  Once we have that understanding we can then begin executing our duties as assigned by creating strategic operating plans and marketing campaigns designed to differentiate our communities, taking care of our residents, and being the best relationship managers in the business.

    The current Ambling portfolio consists of 9,920 affordable and conventional units totaling 89 properties in 8 states, representing 5 owners which are supported by approximately 350 employees.

    Our corporate management offices are positioned in strategic locations relative to the location of the properties that we manage.  This includes corporate offices in Valdosta, Georgia, and Greenville, South Carolina, in addition to eleven regional offices.

    Valdosta, Georgia

    348 Enterprise Drive
    Valdosta, GA 31601
    Phone: 229-244-2800
    Fax: 229-244-2830

    Greenville, South Carolina

    531 S. Main Street, Suite ML-1
    Greenville, SC 29601
    Phone: 864-568-0160
    Fax: 229-219-6700

    Competitive Advantages of Ambling

    Ambling offers a proven track record in ownership and management. Having successfully worked repositioning and operating hundreds of projects, Ambling's clients benefit from the company’s stringent standards for operation which are detailed in our operational manuals, promoted in our training programs and applied to every asset we own and manage.  We are committed to be an innovator in developing new and improved ways to provide exceptional service to investors and property owners.  Listed below are some of the competitive advantages that Ambling offers:

    Professional Development and Training

    At Ambling, we recognize that our most important asset is our people. We know that our success as a company is in direct relationship to our Associate’s own personal success and development. Ambling associates enjoy numerous opportunities for continued education and on-the-job training. Ambling University is an enrichment program utilizing a blended learning environment that includes traditional classroom training, online e-learning, self-paced course offerings and outsourced educational opportunities. Ambling University offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes a wide variety of management and technical skills ranging from liability, safety and maintenance to sales, marketing and leadership training. Ambling University’s classes, taught by the Director of Professional Development and Training, and resources are designed to help our people acquire the attitude, skills and knowledge required by their current job and attain the competencies they will need for future professional development growth.

    Marketing & Social Media Presence

    Our Marketing Team continuously takes a strong, hard look at the marketplace and assesses its potential. Upon gaining an understanding of its dynamics, we translate that knowledge into creating marketing strategies with innovative tactics designed to achieve optimum performance results. By utilizing our Director of Marketing, we attract quality residents by designing and placing advertisements both in print and online, creating signage and collateral materials, that properly illustrates the community amenities, floorplans and life style.

    Creating and maintaining an engaging, integrated, and real-time online presence is essential in business today and has proven to be a viable marketing tool for Ambling.  By optimizing our web presence, we are able to expand our customer reach across multiple online touch points, increasing quality traffic and capturing leads; build relationships through thoughtful, shareable content; provide an additional channel of customer service communication and satisfaction; and enhance, monitor and protect our brand identity on the Social Web. Online marketing takes traditional push and pull marketing to a whole new level by leveraging the viral nature of social users and increased accessibility to our targeted market through our community websites and social networking.

    Accounting Department

    The Ambling accounting team prepares detailed monthly financial statement reporting packages for our clients that provide month-to-date and year-to-date profit and loss comparisons, revenue and expense rolling trend reports, income statement and balance sheet data as well as general ledger reports. Regional Property Managers also prepare a monthly operating summary which provides an overview of the property’s monthly activity, as well as budget variance explanations.  All financial information is provided to our clients.

    Company Brief

    Ambling is one of the nation’s leading providers of innovative, high quality, professional property management for conventional, affordable, multi-family housing communities.  Our operating principles are based on the following:

    • Quality - The quality of our operations and the strength of our management team enable us to differentiate Ambling from our competitors.
    • People - Our People are the key to our success.  The combined talents and years of experience among our senior leadership team is an attribute that immediately shows that we are different.
    • Core Values - We take exceptional pride in all we do and believe honesty, integrity and high moral values are required business practices.
    • Plan - Our strategic business plan is our compass for navigating the constantly changing economic environment we face, not only in the apartment markets where our properties are located, but in the capital and investor markets as well.
    • Performance - Our management style is entrepreneurial and we continue to refine our methods of maintaining high occupancy, implementing cost-effective resident retention programs, increasing revenues, controlling expenses, and subsequently increasing NOI.  Measuring our performance keeps us headed in the right direction. Ambling employees are an integral part of the team and each is expected to achieve positive results while maximizing inner company synergy.