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    Teamwork – 4th Quarter


    Going Above and Beyond for the TEAM!

    There are times during each quarter where extra help is needed. Whether it is on the grounds, with a surplus of work orders, or additional personnel in the office, Ambling employees are always willing to step up and help their fellow co-workers.  This lists seems to grow each quarter, which is a testament to the team spirit that embodies this company!  Thank you to the following employees for answering the call to help!

    Putting the “Team” in Teamwork
    Cathy Bloodworth – Catoosa Gardens
    Faith Boyle – Merchants Court
    Elizabeth Bragg – Seneca Gardens
    Joe Bryson – Phoenix Place
    Jason Burnett – Heritage Crossing
    Jim Burnett – Heritage Crossing
    Kevin Callahan – Pickens Gardens
    Tony Camara – Windsor Park
    Darryl Chumney – Vaughn Towers
    Barbie Clark – Park Trail
    Leroy Coley – North Augusta Gardens
    Lane Colquitt – Avalon
    Howard Combs – Richmond Summit
    Dwight Daniel – Merrimac Village
    Carolyn Dunlap – Statesboro Summit
    Dane Edick – Catoosa Gardens
    Norman Evans – Pecan Grove
    Frankie Ewton – Dunlap Gardens
    Kevin Farris – Columbia Gardens
    Larry Gaines – North Augusta Gardens
    Candace Gillette – Merchants Court
    Julius Curtis Golden – Mauldin Gardens
    Jared Hamilton – Park Ridge
    Taneshia Harrell – Ashton Park (MS)
    Mark Holder – Asheboro Summit
    Danny Hudson – Bridge Creek
    LaQuetta Jones – Piedmont Park/Park Pines
    Vania Keener – Vaughn Towers
    Ryan Knap – Catoosa Gardens
    Brenda Maxton – Pickens Gardens
    Danley McLendon – Eastman Gardens
    Lisa Moorman – Park Trace
    Jimmy Neasbitt – Pecan Grove
    Emmanuel Nieves – Pinewood Park
    Clement Nitcheu – Pelham Village
    Teresa North – Arcadia
    Norris Otey – Huntsville Summit
    Richard Porter – Richmond Summit
    Amanda Pratt – Park Place
    Rhonda Ramirez – Dunlap Gardens
    Rod Risner – Merchants Court
    Patrice Sanders – Burkestone Place
    Tiffany Shipman – Ashton Browns Mill
    Don Stripling – Calhoun Gardens
    Erin Sutton – Bon Air
    Phil Thompson – Bon Air
    Samuel Tyson – Pinewood Park
    Bon Vandiver – Anderson Village
    Clay Welch – Heritage Crossing
    Bridgette White – Ashton Court
    Joshua Widner – Arcadia
    Teresa Williams-Hunter – Riverside Gardens

    These employees showed first-hand the Ambling teamwork philosophy. Thank you to all involved!

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