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    Teamwork – 1st Quarter


    Going Above and Beyond for the TEAM!

    Often, extra help is needed at a property for various reasons.  There might be units that need to be turned, an upcoming inspection must have all hands on deck, or there is a stack of work orders that demands attention. Whatever the case, Ambling is proud of the team members who are willing and able to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities to help at other properties. We are all part of the same Ambling team, and the following employees were there for their fellow employees when called upon.

    Putting the “Team” in Teamwork

    Mauntez Allison – Arbor Park, Maintenance Technician
    Antonio Barnes – Windsor Par, Maintenance Supervisor
    Jimmy Barnes – Burkestone Place, Maintenance Technician
    Cathy Bloodworth – Catoosa Gardens, Property Manager
    Joe Bryson – Phoenix Place, Maintenance Technician
    Darryl Chumney – Vaughn Towers, Maintenance Technician
    Howard Combs – Richmond Summit, Maintenance Supervisor
    Carolyn Dunlop – Statesboro Summit, Property Manager
    Dane Edick – Catoosa Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Norman Evans – Pecan Grove, Maintenance Technician
    Frankie Ewton – Dunlap Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Kevin Farris – Columbia Meadows, Property Manager
    Larry Gaines – North Augusta Gardens, Maintenance Supervisor
    Chris Gilmore – Asheboro Summit, Maintenance Supervisor
    Curtis Golden – Mauldin Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Randall Gordon – Terraces at Southaven, Maintenance Technician
    Jared Hamilton – Park Place, Maintenance Supervisor
    Jessica Hatcher – North Augusta Gardens, Property Manager
    Thomas Holmes – Terraces at Southaven, Maintenance Technician
    Zach Howell – Stateboro Summit, Maintenance Technician
    Navonya Jones – Salem Gardens, Property Manager
    Vania Keener – Vaughn Towers, Property Manager
    Jessie Lane – Bon Air, Housekeeping
    Shapil McMillan – Glynn Isle, Property Manager
    Sheryl Melton – Ten68 West, Property Manager
    Lisa Moorman – Park Trace, Property Manager
    Elizabeth Mycko – Asheboro Summit, Property Manager
    Emmanuel Nieves – Pinewood Park, Maintenance Technician
    Xavier Parham – Park Ridge, Maintenance Technician
    Barbara Phelps – Corporate, Human Resources Generalist
    Rhonda Ramirez – Dunlap Gardens, Property Manager
    Patrice Sanders – Burkestone Place, Property Manager
    Gerald Santiago – Manning Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Jaridd Scott – MidSouth 301, Maintenance Supervisor
    Ben Shefton – Fayetteville Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Bruce Shepherd – Blakely Commons, Property Manager
    Cordarrell Smith – Bristol Park, Maintenance Technician
    Donald Stripling – Calhoun Gardens, Property Manager
    Erin Sutton – Bon Air, Property Manager
    Cody Sweat – Park Trace, Maintenance Technician
    Justin Thomas – Cartersville Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    Phillip Thompson – Bon Air, Maintenance Supervisor
    Clay Welch – Athens Gardens, Maintenance Supervisor
    Teresa Williams-Hunter – Riverside Gardens, Property Manager
    Richard Yancey – Richmond Summit, Housekeeping

    These employees showed first-hand the Ambling teamwork philosophy. Thank you to all involved!

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