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    Teamwork – 2nd Quarter


    Going Above and Beyond for the TEAM!

    Often, extra help is needed at a property for various reasons.  There may be units that need to be turned, an upcoming inspection that needs all hands on deck, or a stack of work orders that demands attention. Whatever the case, Ambling is proud of the team members who are willing and able to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities to help at other properties. We are all part of the same Ambling team, and the following employees were there for their fellow co-workers when called upon.

    Putting the “Team” in Teamwork

    Penny Adkinson – Avalon, Property Manager
    Kimberly Chapman – Avalon, Assistant Property Manager
    Delesha Cook – Pinewood Park, Assistant Property Manager
    Lane Culvert – Avalon, Maintenance Supervisor
    Kenny Hawkins – Highland Park, Maintenance Technician
    Valencia Johnson – Cameron Park, Leasing Consultant
    Bob Jones – West Towne Cottages, Maintenance Supervisor
    Teresa McKnight – Pinewood Park, Property Manager
    James Morgan – Cameron Park, Maintenance Technician
    Emmanuel Nieves – Ashton Hills, Maintenance Technician
    Barbara Phelps – Corporate, Human Resources Generalist
    Sharon Sampson – Highland Park, Property Manager
    Tiffany Shipman – Ashton Browns Mill, Property Manager
    Gordon Shipp – Summer Park, Assistant Property Manager
    Pam Terrell – Cameron Park, Senior Property Manager
    Ruth Tywon – Ashton Meadows, Property Manager
    Eric Walker – Ashton Meadows, Maintenance Technician

    These employees showed first-hand the Ambling teamwork philosophy. Thank you to all involved!

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