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    Curb Appeal Contest
    4th Quarter 2018


    Ambling's properties competed in a "Curb Appeal Contest" this quarter.  This contest helped to remind us how important curb appeal is to our communities.  Our curb appeal is what sets us apart from the competition and how we present ourselves to residents, prospects, vendors, team members, our competition, investors, owners, management and everyone that enters our communities. It is extremely important that we are always paying attention to the details:

    • Inspect the grounds for trash and debris several times per day.  Make sure you are looking behind the buildings and all team members are contributing.
    • Make sure flowers are at the entrance.  Around your leasing office.  Mulch or pine straw are fresh, rolled and tucked.  No weeds! Hold those landscapers accountable!
    • No broken blinds and shutters.
    • Satellite dishes per the guidelines only.
    • Breezeways clean.
    • Mailbox Stations maintained.
    • All exterior lighting working.
    • Entrance signs clean and in good repair.
    • Keep trees and shrubs maintained at all times.
    • Keep your pool sparkling blue year round with pool furniture clean and maintained.
    • Flags and balloons out as required with no wilted balloons.
    • Quarterly Marketing Campaigns displayed.

    Properties were judged on their curb appeal from the pictures we received from each property.  They were all great photos, and while we still see a lot of need for improvement, there was definitely a sense of pride in the pictures and the desire to learn and show improvement.  Each community below participated in this contest.

    Participating Properties

    Larry Molnar's Region
    Calhoun Garden
    Cartersville Gardens
    Catoosa Gardens
    Dunlap Gardens
    Peaks of Loudon

    Addlyne Jackson's Region
    Ashton Browns Mill
    Ashton Ridge
    Heritage Crossing
    Heritage Hills
    Merchants Court
    Palmetto Preserve

    Jutta Klein's Region
    Burkestone Place
    Glynn Isle
    North Augusta Gardens
    Pecan Grove
    Richmond Summit
    Statesboro Summit

    Richard Rhodes' Region
    Bon Air

    Ange Collier's Region
    Park Crest
    Park Place
    Park Ridge
    Park Trace
    Terraces at Southaven

    Emily Farmer's Region
    Ashton Crossing
    Ashton Meadows
    Ashton Park (GA)
    Edgewood Park
    Meadowood Park
    The Park at Kirkstall
    West Towne Cottages

    Luzetta Barksdale's Region
    Blakely Commons
    Bridge Creek
    Eastman Gardens
    Merrimac Village

    Little Anthony's Region
    Manning Gardens
    Seneca Gardens

    Pam Grindle's Region
    Bristol Park
    Cypress Park
    Park Wind
    Summer Park
    Windsor Park

    Christie Billing's Region
    Arbor Park
    Ashton Park (MS)
    Bay Park
    Cameron Park
    Dogwood Park
    Heritage Park
    Highland Park
    Park Pines
    Piedmont Park

    Clara Bray's Region
    Ashton Hills
    Ashton Landing
    Magnolia Heights
    Pinewood Park
    St. Phillip Villas

    While this was an extremely hard decision, several properties stood out. Below are the honorable mentions as well as the Grand Prize Winner.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Avalon
    • Ashton Meadows
    • Bon Air
    • Catoosa Gardens
    • The Park at Kirkstall
    • Summer Park

    Grand Prize Winner:




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