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    Parade In Jackson


    March 23rd marked the 36th Annual St. Partick's Day Parade in Jackson, Mississippi, and Ambling was there to help make it a success. Employees from each of the eight Jackson properties participated, as did Regional Vice President Jake Seames, Regional Property Manager Christie Billings, and Regional Property Manager Pam Grindle. A total of 14 Ambling team members rode on the float, carried the banner in front, and threw out logo cups, fans, chapstick, and beads to the over 75,000 people in attendance.

    This is the city's largest event, so it was a great way to market and advertise these properties to the Jackson area.  "The entire Jackson team came together to make this happen," said Christie. "Not only was this great marketing, but also great team building and camaraderie."

    The teamwork was evident in the building of the float prior to the event.  Tony BarnesBrodric Hollins and Quincy Williams from the Windsor Park maintenance staff and Cameron Park Maintenance Technician James Morgan helped build most of the wood frame for the structure. Most of the property managers from the properties were able to come both Thursday and Friday to decorate, and even some family members were called on to help. It was a total team effort and could not have been completed without everyone working together.

    List of Participants and Helpers
    Mauntez Allison - Arbor Park, Maintenance Technician
    James Anderson - Summer Park, Maintenance Supervisor
    Tony Barnes - Windsor Park, Maintenance Supervisor
    Christie Billings - Regional Property Manager
    Kyle Billings - Husband of Christie Billings
    Tony Camara - Windsor Park, Property Manager
    Samantha Westbrook - Cypress Park, Property Manager
    Patrick Duvall - Volunteer DJ
    Maria Ford - Summer Park, Property Manager
    Pamela Grindle - Regional Property Manager
    Tarsha Hobson - Park Wind, Property Manager
    Brodric Hollins - Windsor Park, Maintenance Technician
    Valencia Johnson - Cameron Park, Leasing Consultant
    Zhaneshia Jones - Arbor Park, Leasing Consultant
    Lasonya Lewis - Summer Park, Assistant Property Manager
    James Morgan - Cameron Park, Maintenance Technician
    Jake Seames - Regional Vice President
    Pam Terrell - Cameron Park, Senior Property Manager
    Peyton Terrell - Daughter of Pam Terrell
    Tam Thompson - Arbor Park, Property Manager



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