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    A Letter From the CEO


    A Letter from the CEO

    Events that “Change Lives”

    There are only a handful of events in life that simply take your breath away. Thus far in my life, I’ve experienced a few of these events.  Events like my wedding day. The birth of my children, etc. On September 30th at 8:36PM, I experienced one of the greatest feelings of joy in my lifetime. It was at that time when Victoria Everly Megow was born to my daughter Anna and my son-in-law Parker. She is a “little angel.” The minute I saw her, my heart melted, and I fell immediately in love.

    Now to be truthful, I’ve always loved to have little ones around. The joy they bring is unrivaled to me. I’m remember well the day Anna was born. Suddenly, I could think of nothing else but her. But I quickly recognized her dependence on my wife Jayne and me (mostly Jayne) was absolute. When she needed feeding, we fed her. When she needed cleaning, we cleaned her. When she cried, we rocked her and comforted her. Caring for her, gave me a sense of purpose. I became less interested in myself and more interested in her. I had never felt that need before. A few years later Sarah was born, and those same feelings were experienced once again. I’ve missed having that feeling for a long time. And now, for the first time in a long time, I feel important again. I believe Jayne feels the same way too. That’s both exciting, energizing, and motivating.

    One of the first things you do as a grandparent is reserve your new names. Jayne and I have officially changed our names to GiGi and PopPoP. We can’t wait for Victoria to mouth these words. Of course, she will say PopPoP first. That’s a given, don’t you think?

    Being a PopPop raises the stakes on everything else in my life. It gives me extra incentive to take care of my health, keep my head on straight, and to allocate my time wisely. As a result, I‘m preparing to redefine myself accordingly and become a better me.

    Once I get the green light from Anna and Parker on how Victoria is to be raised (so long as their rules aren’t too strict for PopPop), I’m going to take her and show her off to everyone I know. I plan to read to her, take her for strolls, spend time with her at the park, and show her the world through her PopPop’s eyes.

    Yes, my heart has been stolen, and my life has been changed forever. I’m excited to turn the page on this chapter of life and embody my new role as PopPop.

    As I write this article to share with you, I am reminded of our commitment as a team to “Changing Lives.” In so doing, I began to recognize the magnitude and impact of that statement. I challenge us to think about ways that we can truly “change lives.” Perhaps our actions can make a resident feel “important again” or “needed” or “loved.”  Just think. The impact of our actions might affect generations to come. That’s’ something to strive towards.

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