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    Employee Awards and Recognition


    • Charles Janko, Magnolia Heights, Maintenance Supervisor

    5 Year
    • LaQuetta Jones, Piedmont Park, Senior Property Manager

    10 Year
    • Derrick Miller, Terraces at Southaven, Property Manager
    • Eunice Johnson, Mauldin Gardens, Property Manager
    • Christopher Gilmore, Asheboro Summit, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Jose Cortez, Park at Kirkstall, Maintenance Technician
    • Michael Walker, Park Trail, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Albino Pesina, Park at Kirkstall, Maintenance Supervisor

    15 Year
    • Terri Boatright-Boerner, Compliance Specialist
    • Sherry Riddle, Director of Professional Development
    • Jerry Barge, Senior Compliance Specialist

    Shopper Report Shout Outs (>90%)
    • Derrick Miller, Terraces at Southaven, Property Manager
    • Holly Veach, Terraces at Southaven, Senior Property Manager

                               New Hires
    • Mauntez L. Allison, Arbor Park, Maintenance Technician
    • Brett M. Waid, Cypress Park, Maintenance Technician
    • Pamela J. Grindle, Regional Property Manager
    • Danielle D. Smith, N. Augusta Gardens, Assistant Property Manager
    • Anthony C. Kratzer, Columbia Meadows, Maintenance Technician
    • Brittany A. Gray, Summer Park, Leasing Consultant
    • Ethan Maddox, Avalon, Maintenance Technician
    • Daniel L. Stamper, Merchants Court, Maintenance Technician
    • Laura E. Goff, Bon Air, Leasing Consultant
    • Jared K. Hamilton, Park Ridge, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Samuel J. Harris, Edgewood Park, Maintenance Technician
    • Justin H. Parten, Ashton Crossing, Maintenance Technician
    • Jennifer McFarland, Ashton Park (GA), Property Manager
    • Clement T. Nitcheu, Pelham Village, Maintenance Technician
    • Adrienne N. Williams, Corportate, Human Resources
    • Randall O. Gordon, Terraces at Southaven, Maintenance Technician
    • Shellie L. Holloway, Orchard Park, Leasing Consultant

    • Ethan A. Jacobsen, Park Place, Maintenance Technician
    • Ange A. Collier, Regional Property Manager