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    Employee Awards and Recognition

    Recipient of Certificate of Recognition, City of Hattiesburg National Night Out Against Crime
    Piedmont Park
    Park Pines

    • Shantel Daniels, Senior Regional Property Manager
    • Ashlea Price-Howell, Senior Compliance Specialist
    • Tammy Morgan, Senior Property Manager
    • Marisela Madrid, Senior Property Manager
    • Maggie Murtaugh-Berning, Senior Director of Compliance
    • Emily Mayfield, Heritage Hills, Property Manager
    • Antonio Barnes, Windsor Park, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Rod Risner, Merchant’s Court, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Brent Jones, Elton Park, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Richard Rhodes, Director of HUD Compliance
    • Shannon Hobbs, Property Controller
    • Jerry Barge, Compliance Manager
    • Eric Brown, Seneca Gardens, Property Manager
    • Deana Griffin, HUD Properties Controller
    • Robert Vandiver, Anderson Village, Maintenance Supervisor

    Anniversary Awards: 10 years
    Culver Colquitt, Avalon
    Dwayne Hyatt, Ashton Court
    Claude Killingsworth, Phoenix Place 

    HVAC Certification

    • Chris Elser, Merchants Court

    Shopper’s Report Shout Outs

    • Taneshia Harris, Ashton Park, Assistant Property Manager
    • Kiacha Graves, Bay Park, Property Manager
    • Sandretta Rice, Bristol Park, Property Manager
    • Jennifer Stapleton, Park at Kirkstall, Property Manager
    • Catrice Bernard, Park at Kirkstall, Assistant Property Manager
    • Amanda Pratt, Park Trace, Property Manager

    New Hires
    • Cordarrell Smith, Cameron Park I, Maintenance Technician
    • Kimberly Chapman, Avalon, Assistant Property Manager
    • Elaine Hall, Bridge Creek, Assistant Property Manager
    • Gwendolyn Davenport, Parktowne, Property Manager
    • Charisma McNair, Summer Park, Leasing Consultant
    • Daniel Conwell, 4th Street, Maintenance Technician
    • Jordan Califf, Assistant Controller
    • Ryan Perkins, West Towne Cottages, Maintenance Technician
    • James Crawford, Calhoun Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    • Ernist McDade, Park Crest, Maintenance Technician
    • Crystal Williams, Windsor Park, Leasing Consultant
    • Jennifer Milbeck, Park Ridge, Leasing Consultant
    • Georgia Constantine, Clarke Gardens, Property Manager
    • Rodricquez Mangrum, Terrace Park, Maintenance Technician
    • Richard Olds, Athens Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    • Sam McDowell, Cypress Park, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Semiko Crump, Windsor Park, Property Manager
    • Andre Brooks, Avalon, Leasing Consultant
    • Mark Holder, Asheboro Summit, Maintenance Technician
    • Garland Sheats, 4th Street, Maintenance Technician
    • Richard Yancey, Richmond Summit, Housekeeping Staff
    • Patricia Wadley, North Augusta Gardens, Property Manager
    • Ethan Jacobsen, Park Ridge, Maintenance Technician
    • Corey Thomas, Richmond Summit, Maintenance Technician
    • Maegan Campbell, Heritage Crossing, Leasing Consultant
    • Zachary Glosson, Terrace Park, Maintenance Technician
    • Lauren Horne, Human Resource Clerk
    • Richard Gresham, Clarke Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    • Whitney Brown, Savannah Summit, Housekeeping Staff
    • Morris Hayman, Edgewood Park, Maintenance Technician

    • Deborah Pavey, Terrace Park, Leasing Consultant
    • Richard Smith, Riverside Gardens, Maintenance Technician
    • Robert Jones, West Towne Cottages, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Jacqueline Varnado, Elton Park, Property Manager
    • James Burnett, Heritage Crossing, Maintenance Supervisor

    In Memoriam
    • Judy Driver – Our sympathies go out to the family of Judy Driver, who was a wonderful, dedicated employee for just under 10 years and had recently retired from Ambling